Industry leading

WellgreensCA develops innovative cannabis products using best-in-class technology and formulation techniques. From tinctures and edibles to topicals and vape cartridges, we are a stable, consistent, and compliant partner, dedicated to growing with your brand.

Extraction & Refinement

WellgreensCA extracts biomass at large quantities and we have perfected our proprietary methodologies, yielding concentration results at 90% – 95%. As one of the largest capacity manufacturers in California, we are able to consistently provide our clients with high-quality bulk concentrate at all times. Our bulk oil is lab certified and passes Phases 2 and 3 state required testing.


Phytocannabinoids and their related compounds may be isolated in a multitude of ways at WellgreensCA. Our proprietary technology of separating phytocannabinoids on a molecular level allows for the extraction of pure isolates such as THC, CBD, CBDA, CBN, Delta 9 THC, THCA and more. With that we are able to help brands create new and unique products based on the numerous, specific derivatives.

Product Formulation & Custom Terpene Blends

WellgreensCA’s team of expert scientists and formulators work collaboratively to produce the perfect blend with consistent quality to fit all of your product development needs. We can create precise CBD to THC ratios and our steam-distilled terpene extraction capabilities allow us to formulate special blends that are branded specifically for you. This means your brand owns your custom formulations – we never replicate your special blends for anyone else.

Toll Processing

Processing cannabis to produce THC or CBD for human use is a multi-stage process that should be performed under food safety or pharmaceutical quality standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). WellgreensCA safely and efficiently processes biomass to produce THC and CBD crude extract, refined extract, distillate, and isolate, which can be sold or further processed for use in products.

Private Labeling

It is important to find a manufacturing facility worthy of partnering with your business. We handle all fulfillment and production, so you can focus on building your brand. Our private labeling capabilities include THC and CBD distillate, full spectrum crude and distillate, custom terpene formulation, and flavored pre-rolls.

WellgreensCA helps companies move quickly in their path to market for new product launches by offering turnkey manufacturing, packaging, and distribution solutions. With WellgreensCA, you do not need to have a cannabis license.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is critical to having a successful, thriving business and ensuring product consistency. WellgreensCA guarantees that quality is maintained through the life cycle of the product from the receipt of starter materials to the final packaging and labelling of the end product. This process is managed by a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and an inspection and monitoring program of products, processes, facilities, equipment, and supply chain to ensure conformance to specifications. Our quality assurance system minimizes risk and maximizes adherence to proper procedure, resulting in reliable data.

Vape Cartridges

WellgreensCA specializes in THC and CBD vape cartridge private labeling. Our large-scale production, filling, and packing capabilities ensure that we can keep up with the scalable needs of your growing business. Providing personalized services and valuable expertise, we offer a range of solutions to fit the unique needs of your cannabis vape product such as research and development, engineering, proof of concept and rapid prototyping. We work with an industry-leading hardware provider that delivers top-notch design and innovation with its vape product portfolio.


WellgreensCA is your partner in developing a unique product line, with creative and compliant packaging for your brand. Whether you are in need of packaging design or have already have packaging design in mind, we work diligently to get your product retail-ready.


Cannabis companies face new challenges at every stage of the product life cycle, and as competition increases, the stakes for a successful launch have never been higher. WellgreensCA’s team has the scientific knowledge and extensive experience to help you navigate through any issues that may arise during brand planning or product development. We implement the stage-gate idea-to-launch process to help new brands achieve commercialization success.

Distribution & Transportation

IOur distribution services offer a safe and effortless fulfillment option. We pride ourselves on maintaining world-class customer service, legal compliance and flawless logistical planning.

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Extraction, refinement and commercialization are our expertise. Let us walk you through our complete portfolio of service and product offerings to discover how WellgreensCA can help take your brand to the next level. Sign up today to schedule your free consultation.