A newer trend in the cannabis industry is private labeling or white labeling. Private label refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another. Private label products and services are bought by the latter company without branding so they can add their own branding, logo and identity to it. In the cannabis industry this means that dispensaries and burgeoning cannabis brands can now carry their own branded products without having to go through the steps of obtaining manufacturing and/or distribution licenses. This can be a really successful strategy in the world of cannabis retail.

Benefits of Private Labeling 

It’s quick and easy to launch a new product and come to market. As the branded company, you are free from concerns such as spending time and money on research and development. When you work with Wellgreens CA, we take care of all of that for you. We know what works well at the retail level and have perfected cannabis oil formulations to make custom products for you. 

Private labeling saves you time and money. Developing a unique new cannabis product line from scratch takes a large amount of financial and human capital resources, as well as time. Even if you think you can build it yourself, it is important to factor in time for marketing. With private labeling you can utilize the resources that someone else has already built – the design, building and testing of a new cannabis oil product. Utilizing Wellgreens CA’s resources brings you to market quickly without cutting any corners. When time is of the essence, and new cannabis brands are appearing on the market every day, investing in an existing manufacturing and distribution solution is a lot more time and cost effective in the end.

Private labeling allows you to focus on your business’s core competency.  A cannabis white label solution allows you to develop your business’s unique branding, raise awareness for your product and simplify the conversion path for your customers. Trust the experts to create the perfect cannabis oil product while you focus on bringing the solution to your customers.

How to Find a Cannabis Private Label Partner

It is best to find a private label partner with a full suite of licensing and wide range of services. Partners that do it all from manufacturing to extraction and packaging are able to pivot and scale with you as you grow. When looking for a cannabis private label partner, transparency is also a great factor to consider. 

Wellgreens CA maintains all the proper California state licensing for product  manufacturing and distribution so you can focus on building your brand. We are an end-to-end service, turnkey solution partner. We have all the raw materials if you don’t have the license or ability to get them, and from there we create your cannabis oil product, package, label, test and distribute it. Wellgreens CA is transparent into our manufacturing facility. We invite potential partners to tour our manufacturing facility, ask questions, review our processes and more. Transparency and consistency is part of our daily routine, as we take this fast growing industry seriously. 

Now that you have learned about private labeling, check out this article to see what it takes to start a cannabis business.

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