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WellgreensCA is an industry-leading manufacturing and distribution company that develops innovative cannabis products using best-in-class technology and formulation techniques.

Efficient, Excellent Service

Great cannabis products are distinguished by their ingredients and manufacturing processes, and at WellgreensCA, we understand what drives product value at the retail level. Always going the extra mile to ensure your product is retail-ready every time, we implement quality assurance checks at each stage of development.

We extract biomass at large quantities and have perfected our proprietary methodologies, yielding concentration results at 85% – 95%. THC Analytics are the backbone of our facility, and you can trust us to produce consistent, quality product while being transparent about what goes in it.

You’re in Good Company

WellgreensCA works with leading cannabis brands across California. Our brand partners maintain some of the highest quality and cleanest oil on the market with best-of-class hardware and up-to-date, child-resistant packaging standards.

WellgreensCA Leadership

Our dedicated team has great experience in the cannabis industry, having helped develop new brands and products for billion dollar companies. From tinctures and edibles to topicals and vape cartridges, we are a stable, consistent, and compliant partner, dedicated to growing with your brand.
Lunar Loussia, CEO

In 2016, Lunar Loussia, CEO, co-founded Wellgreens CA Management LLC, the parent company of a licensed and operational cannabis manufacturing and distribution facilities in San Diego. Wellgreens CA was first licensed in late 2017 and became operational in January 2018. Mr. Loussia was instrumental in developing Wellgreens CA into a state-of-the-art operational manufacturing and distribution facility. The scope of this accomplishment is demonstrated by the fact that Wellgreens CA is the only licensed manufacturing facility currently operating in the entire City of San Diego.

Mr. Loussia has taken the lead in developing Wellgreens CA into a leading manufacturer for various cannabis brands, also known as “co-packing” or “white labelling.” This fills a very important niche in the cannabis marketplace since most established brands don’t have the means or knowhow to develop the kind of manufacturing facility operated by Wellgreens CA or get it licensed.

Mr. Loussia is in charge of Wellgreens CA’s supply chain, relationships with vendors, supervision of the sales team, and overseeing the manufacturing, packaging, and testing processes. He has also had a significant hand in the development of the SOPs and quality control for the entire facility. In addition, Mr. Loussia serves as the internal comptroller and ultimately is responsible for profit and loss, accounting and analytics, and government relations.

Mr. Loussia brings over 18 years of retail experience and operational infrastructure to Wellgreens CA. Notably, in 2009, Mr. Loussia founded WG Wireless, a wireless phone retailer. In just five years, he grew the organization to over 150 employees in 44 locations across California, Michigan, and Ohio. Mr. Loussia’s forte is an analytics-based approach to business development and leveraging infrastructure to support growth. In late, 2015, Mr. Loussia sold WG Wireless and decided to bring his analytics-based, scalable business strategy, to the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Mr. Loussia serves as a Board Member for one of the largest cannabis focused nonprofits in San Diego, the Association of Cannabis Professionals. With his growth strategy and organizational structure, he is looking to bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry.

Sarmad Hallak, VP
In 2016, Mr. Hallak co-founded Wellgreens CA Management, LLC and currently serves as Vice President. Like his partner Mr, Loussia, Mr. Hallak is a hands-on owner of Wellgreens CA and has played a significant role in developing it from planning to operations. Mr. Hallak shares in the role of meeting and contracting with potential co-packing partners of Wellgreens CA. His primary responsibility is creating working relationships with retail outlets for Wellgreens CA to distribute the products it manufactures. Mr. Hallak negotiated contracts for biomass procurement from some of the largest farmers in California. Combined with his more than two- decades of operating successful retail businesses in regulated industries, this supply-side cannabis experience puts Mr. Hallak in a unique position to understand the economics that drive the retail side of the cannabis business.

Sarmad has over two decades of experience operating retail businesses. Using the foundation and training from his family’s businesses, Sarmad became an entrepreneur as an adult. Over the next 25 years, he acquired and turned around a number of retail businesses in the San Diego region. This included owning and operating businesses in strictly regulated environments of alcohol sales and financial services and most recently, founding a licensed cannabis business. As a result, Sarmad has approximately 25 years of experience in retail sales and management and two years in the licensed cannabis industry.

Sean Akhavan, COO
Sean Akhavan serves as WellgreensCA’s Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Akhavan graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, then worked at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, conducting research on various therapeutic approaches to skin cancer. Deciding against pursuing a medical degree, Mr. Akhavan began work as forensic toxicologist for petroleum companies. Mr. Akhavan’s interest later turned to the cannabis industry, where he has worked for some of the leading brands in the industry over the past five years.

In 2014, Mr. Akhavan joined MedMen, an industry pioneer in cannabis retail and manufacturing. MedMen hired him to be the Director of Research and Development, relocating him to Toronto to develop operations at MedReleaf, the recipient of a significant investment from MedMen. At MedReleaf, Mr. Akhavan implemented analytical chromatography and extraction methods for refinement of phytocannabinoids, essentially helping invent new products to bring to market.

After his success in Toronto with MedReleaf, Mr. Akhavan was promoted to Chief Science Officer at MedMen. MedMen also manufactures products under its own brand for retail sale. At MedMen, Mr. Akhavan was responsible for developing manufacturing processes for the company’s manufacturing facilities across North America and introducing those products to each of the retail stores. Among Mr. Akhavan’s other accomplishments with MedMen, he helped create a first-of-its-kind 0:1 THC to CBD line. This allowed MedMen’s retailers to serve the medical consumers seeking the benefits of CBD without the hallucinogenic properties of THC. In addition, Mr. Akhavan worked with MedMen’s Chief Operations Officer to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for product manufacturing and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate product success.

Mr. Akhavan joined WellgreensCA in June 2018. Building on his tenure as the chief scientist at MedMen, Mr. Akhavan implemented new KPIs to gauge the efficiency of WellgreensCA’s facility.

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